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League of Legends Gift Cards; Be A Legend in Sale

League of Legends is an exciting and competitive online game in which two armies battle it out. Play one of the most successful online games of the century with millions of players across multiple battlefields! Riot Points, also known as RP, are a digital currency in the League of Legends game that can be purchased with League of Legends gift cards. The points can be used for a variety of things after they’ve been redeemed for RP. All these cards are available on EZ PIN. Order Now!

Many people play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games like League of Legends because they enjoy the thrill of competing against other players online and beating enemies using their abilities. If your customers enjoy League of Legends, you understand how thrilling it can be to get them connected with other players, characters, and monsters online. League of Legends is an extensive and complex game that allows players to explore a fantasy world while battling a variety of foes. However, in order to obtain the best equipment or progress further in the game, a significant amount of time must be dedicated to it.


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League of Legends gift cards can come in handy in this situation. These are cards that include a variety of advantages, including the ability to purchase a variety of items within the game, including riot points, by simply entering a code. These digital cards are incredibly versatile and easy to use.

What is League of Legends Gift Card?

Your customers are looking for a way to get more Riot Points? Purchase a League of Legends Gift Card online from EZ PIN and give your customers Riot Points instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need to use a credit card. In just a few minutes, your customers can top up their Riot Games account with enough RP to purchase in-game content including skins for their champions! LoL codes will be emailed to you right away. It’s never been easier to get and sell Riot Points.

Perfect for Everyone and for Your Business

These cards are dependable and the best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to buy or sell them. You don’t need to rely on a physical card to use them in your sale cycle.

League of Legends gift cards are available in a variety of denominations and can be sent via digital delivery. League of Legends can be a great game if your customers enjoy social interaction, and with the buying power that League of Legends gift cards will bring, your gamers will be able to get a leg up on the competition and beat enemies and fellow competitors more quickly. If your customers want to improve their League of Legends characters, League of Legends gift cards might be the perfect solution for making them happy and increase your sale.

How to Order League of Legends Gift Cards?

To complete your order, choose the amount you want on digital gift card and one of our three safe payment options. You’ll also get an email with the code, invoice, and redemption instructions right away.

You’ll also get an email with the code, invoice, and redemption instructions right away. Codes are instantly redeemable, allowing you to immediately start selling League of Legends Gift Cards you ordered from EZ PIN. There’s no need to wait! Please contact our customer service team if you have any concerns or are having trouble receiving or redeeming codes. They are always willing to assist you.

Do Riot Points work on Valorant?

Riot Points can be used in a variety of games, not just League of Legends. Valorant is a well-known FPS game developed by Riot Games, and its in-game currency is called Valorant Point (VP). Riot Points are converted to Valorant Points in Valorant, a premium Valorant currency that can be used to purchase in-game items and Radianite Points. This game accepts prepaid League of Legends gift cards, which can be activated and used in the game.

In fact, League of Legends RP is a more cost-effective way to refill Valorant account’s funds. The in-game community is growing in popularity thanks to the incredible gameplay, beautiful animation, and multidimensional, engaging characters – we strongly encourage you to catch this sale opportunity if you haven’t already. Valorant Points would just contribute to the already high rate of guaranteed entertainment!

How to Redeem League of Legends Gift Cards?

  • Sign in to League of Legends account by launching the game client.
  • Select the Store option.
  • Select the Purchase RP option from menu.
  • Choose Prepaid Cards from the drop-down menu and enter code.
  • Submit the form. Account has been updated with Riot Points!

How to activate a Riot Games card in Valorant

  • Open the Valorant game client;
  • Go to the top right menu and choose the in-game shop;
  • In the payment methods section, scroll all the way to the right and pick Prepaid card;
  • To unlock the credit, enter code;
  • Press the Submit button. Account has been updated with Riot Points!

Final words

EZ PIN has a wide range of gift cards and game cards. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, get instant digital distribution, superb customer service, and supreme payment comfort!