Gift Card

Providing resellers the best-selling
products and the necessary tools to
distribute gift cards in the market

A Cloud-Based Portal for Your Business

Monitor performance and scale effectively with these key features

Track sales and customer transactions

White & black list products

Define product lists

Place bulk orders

Generate custom reports

Autogenerate daily invoices

View multi currency wallet balances

Secured portal with double authentication

Register unlimited number of clients

Define client credit limits

Define branches as specific terminals

Register employees with a unique PIN

How To Market and Sell Gift Cards
with EZ Pin

Resellers have access to a variety of options to market and sell gift
cards to their network and end users

Mobile App

Can be downloaded onto iOS and Android
Codes can be delivered via WhatsApp, SMS and email

POS Machine

Can be ordered from the EZ Pin management portal
Codes can be delivered via WhatsApp, SMS, email and physically printed

In-Store Stands

Opt to have QR code stands displaying the full catalogue once scanned
Or, go for the interactive self-serve kiosks to allow customers to view all products and
generate a purchase order


Complete an API integration into store cashiers or website for selling and delivering codes to the end user immediately

Become a Reseller
of Gift Card Products