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Everything About Sling Gift Card; TV eGift Cards

We’re excited to introduce and sell gift cards as an alternative to credit cards for pre-paying for Sling TV subscription or giving as gifts to resellers and stores. EZ PIN, sells Sling gift card in physical and digital form. EZ PIN offers digital gift cards for bulk purchase. The customer is responsible for all taxes.

What is Sling TV Subscription?

Sling TV is the same live TV everyone knows and loves, except better. Your customers can start with the product that’s right for them, then choose extras from sports, comedy, kids, news, movies, lifestyle, Spanish, and more.

In EZ PIN there are long-term contracts but you can change your services and products at any time.

Sling has over 100 live channels available to watch live on TV, tablets, mobile, computers, game consoles, and other devices. Watch live sports as well as more than 80,000 hours of on-demand TV shows and movies. Sling TV also provides international TV service in the United States, with 18 languages to choose from, including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and others.

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Important Points About Sling Card

  • Scratch the PIN code area on the back of your gift card gently to use it. At, enter the PIN code.
  • If you already have a SLING TV account and want to add a gift card, go to My Account and press Add Gift Card with your credentials.
  • If the value of your gift exceeds the cost of one month of service, the cost of the chosen service will be prorated as additional days of service.
  • When your gift card subscription is about to expire, we’ll send you an update.

Sling Card Features

  • Never go out of style.
  • Except for Amazon Pay, cannot be redeemed on an account if your customers pay for third-party partners.
  • It can’t be applied to a device or video-on-demand rental.
  • It can be used to buy local or foreign outlets.
  • It’s possible to use it to reactivate or switch subscription.
  • It can only be used to purchase a subscription service.
  • Your customers must enter another gift card, credit or debit card to make further adjustments to their subscription.
  • Cannot be used to pay for invoices that have already been generated.
  • Sling promotional deals cannot be redeemed or paid for with this card.
  • Except where necessary by statute, are not redeemable for cash.

How to Redeem Sling Card

Depending on whether you want to change your subscription or only apply the gift card balance to your account, the steps to redeem a gift card on a current SLING TV account differ.

Check in to your account at using your email and password.

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Depending on if you only want to transfer the gift card balance to account or whether you want to add gift card and change subscription, choose one of the options below:

  • Select Add Gift Card from the My Account page to redeem a gift card without changing your subscription.
  • Click on and type in your gift card number.
  • The value of gift card will be sent to you. Now press UPDATE.

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Add a Gift Card & Change Subscription

CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION can be found on the My Account tab. You can customize your subscription by selecting or deselecting the services you want to add or delete.

  • Select Redeem a gift card from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the list.
  • If you only have a gift card account, choose Review.
  • Check to see if your billing address has been changed, then enter your gift card number and click Apply.
  • Select Continue once your gift card has been added.
  • Review your choices and then press SUBMIT ORDER when you’re done.

Important Note

If the message reaches you, “You have exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed. Please try again in 24 hours.” It’s possible that registering your gift card would be difficult. Please Contact Us, and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.