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Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card; Perfect Choice for Resellers

Order a Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card for a 3- or 12-month subscription with no strings attached. Give access to your customers online multiplayer support for their favorite games, as well as a growing library of classic NES and Super NES games. Your customers won’t have to worry about automatic renewal fees, and they won’t have to connect their Nintendo Account to a credit card. Simply choose one of our three safe payment options to receive your codes via email in seconds or receive your physical cards via shipping 2-3 days after payment approval.

Let your customers play favorite games online with their parents, such as Animal Crossing or Mario Kart, in no time!

EZ PIN Nintendo Switch Online Gift Cards are instantly available for use. We send you genuine gift codes directly to your inbox via email or at your door. Receiving a gift card by email is the most convenient way to do so without leaving your home in COVID-19 pandemic. Within 5-15 minutes of receiving your order, we will give you your codes.

Our Nintendo Switch Online cards come in two different amounts: 3- and 12-Month membership.

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid subscription service that gives access your customers to online play in compatible games, a range of NES games, additional features for the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, and more.

Nintendo Switch Online Gift Cards can only be redeemed on the Nintendo Switch system’s Nintendo eShop.

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What are the benefits of a Nintendo subscription?

  • Online multiplayer mode: Playing online with others allows gamers to rediscover their favorite games.
  • Download classic games like Tetris 99 for free from the NES game library.
  • Cloud storage allows your customers to save their game progress in a safe and convenient manner.
  • While they’re playing, use the mobile app to monitor your sales and plan a loyalty program for your customers.
  • Exclusive deals, games, and more with our exclusive offers!

Spread the Happiness with Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card

For gamers of all ages, a Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card is a fantastic present. Long-time Nintendo fans would be ecstatic to learn that this subscription includes all of their favorite classic NES and Super NES games for free. You’re also giving them a lot of bonus extensions and updates by giving them some extra Nintendo eShop Credit! Younger generations will use this membership to play Minecraft or Super Smash Bros. with their families. Guaranteed to brighten the day of every gamer, old or new! You can expect to see more customers in the future as this Nintendo game collection grows, but for now, you can offer them The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. 3 among many others!

The ability to play multiplayer modes of different Nintendo games is, of course, one of the main reasons people purchase a Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card. Although Nintendo games have fantastic single-player experiences with compelling plots, tried-and-true gameplay mechanics, and endless replay value, without multiplayer, your customers get only half of the experience at best.

This is easy to fix: simply suggest them a 90-day Nintendo subscription and enjoy online play with friends, family members, or total strangers!

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Extend Your Business with EZ PIN Gift Card Program

If you’re a proud owner of a gaming shop or a Nintendo console seller, purchase Nintendo Switch Online Gift Cards and embark on this incredible journey! Select the number of your cards and complete your order using KYC Form on EZ PIN. When you successfully applied, our sale department will call you ASAP and your account will be activated shortly. That’s what there is to it! You’ll also receive your digital codes via email for safekeeping, and you can always contact our customer service via Phone, Facebook Messenger, Email, or WhatsApp on our website if you have any questions.

Topping it off, The Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card unlocks a number of extra features, including the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone and tablet app. Your customers can use it to share their playthroughs with other Nintendo users, communicate with them through voice chat, save their files on save data cloud, and receive exclusive Nintendo eShop offers. With all of these in mind, you’ve got yourself a formula for a Nintendo fan’s dream deal and extend your sale!

To redeem any Nintendo code successfully, make sure to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the Home menu and choose the Nintendo eShop icon;
  • Sign in with the Nintendo Account you want to use;
  • Go to the left side of the screen and select Enter Code;
  • Type 16-character activation code into the box;
  • Redeem Nintendo Switch Online Gift Card by pressing the Redeem Download Code button.