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EZ PIN API Integration; Everything You Need to Know

If you have just joined the EZ PIN resellers or you are one of our former customers, you may like to know more about EZ PIN features. The goal of this series of articles, is to tell you all the ins and outs of EZ PIN and its different platforms so that you can get acquainted with its features.

Today, the opportunity for revenue and profit development is enormous with the increasing growth of both physical and digital gift cards use, and EZ PIN is here to help! Our cutting-edge gift card management technology is built to assist your company increase consumer engagement and income in a smooth and safe manner.

What is EZ PIN API Integration?

Digital gift cards are delivered swiftly, conveniently, and automatically to large corporations, welfare or marketing agencies, and worldwide players.

API integrations are designed to ensure real-time updates, information exchange, downloads, and constant alignment.

With the EZ PIN application programming interface (API), you can automatically integrate your online platforms, portals, and websites.

  • Get all accessible updates and brands right away.
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs.

In addition to Web-based Panel, In-store stands, Mobile Application and POS Machine, users can use EZ PIN APIs to integrate with their systems. In this way, the part related to the management of gift cards is completely separated and entrusted to EZ PIN, and users can only have their own business concerns. To use the APIs, a Sandbox Environment has been built into EZ PIN where users can test the APIs via test products and enter the real (production) environment when they learnt how to work with them. Users can restrict access to these APIs by defining the list of allowed IPs to ensure the security of using the APIs.

These APIs include the basic steps of gift card management such as products view, products purchase and digital and physical gift cards activation.

EZ PIN APIs are currently available for the following:

  • Authentication
  • Receive account balance
  • View product catalog
  • Check the availability of products
  • Buy a digital card
  • View order details
  • View the details of the purchased cards
  • View order history
  • Activate and check the status of physical cards (active, inactive or pending)
  • Send a notification to the user about the status of an order to a specific URL defined by the user
  • Check the price of cryptocurrency
  • Buy cryptocurrency

The list of these APIs is constantly being added and completed.

Security in EZ PIN Processes

Security plays an important role in EZ PIN solutions and processes, and all the EZ PIN activity that comes into contact with sensitive customer information is secured with up-to-date security mechanisms.

For example, users can activate two-factor authentication, which requires them to download and install the Android or iOS version of Google Authenticator and scan its own QR code to perform activities with high security standards, such as creating account, download APIs or download gift codes of purchased cards, etc. A disposable code with a short expiration date will be created for him.

The user can also activate two-factor authentication by email, which if activated, in addition to entering the user information, he must also enter the unique code sent to his e-mail in order to log in to EZ PIN.

The user’s mobile and WhatsApp number can also be used to send information about purchased cards, or the user’s email can be used to create an account and send card information, etc., which must be verified using a one-time verification code.

To use EZ PIN APIs, users need to create an account for both the test and real environment, and define IPs in their whitelist to make sure that access to the APIs is possible only with a license and for authenticated users. Using different APIs is also possible with user authentication and creating and providing token.

Necessary APIs are also available for cryptocurrency section in which users can see how much cryptocurrency can be bought with the desired amount of money. Users can do nothing until the payment link expires or they can pay and give the address of the cryptocurrency wallet so that the cryptocurrencies can be sent to them. It is worth mentioning here that it is not possible to use cryptocurrency gift card when working with API.

Final Words

Using cloud servers and high-performance software production technologies, EZ PIN can provide high-speed services with security and ease of use. EZ PIN support center is also available at different times of the day through chat or ticketing system, as well as knowledge-based support that includes a variety of frequently asked questions and problems to fix issues.

If you have any questions or concerns using API, please do not hesitate to contact us.