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EZ PIN Business Solutions; Everything You Need to Know

If you have just joined the EZ PIN resellers or you are one of our former customers, you may like to know more about EZ PIN features. The goal of this series of articles, is to tell you all the ins and outs of EZ PIN and its different platforms so that you can get acquainted with its features.

Today, the opportunity for revenue and profit development is enormous with the increasing growth of both physical and digital gift cards use, and EZ PIN is here to help! Our cutting-edge gift card management technology is built to assist your company increase consumer engagement and income in a smooth and safe manner.

EZ PIN Business Solutions; Gift Card Solutions

EZ PIN solutions give you the tools and resources you need to successfully create and manage physical and digital gift card programs. Our solutions enable you to adopt strategies to reach and recruit new consumers, as well as present your existing customers with more options and redemption opportunities.

EZ PIN Web-based Panel, Mobile Application, API Integration and up-to-date accessories are these tools that will help you grow your business more easily and better.

EZ PIN Business Solutions; Program Management

The EZ Pin platform makes purchasing and activating conventional and digital gift cards simple and secure. Customers will enjoy redeeming their gift cards if they are activated at the time of purchase. EZ Pin gift card management program turns your gift card program into an efficient revenue and profit growth engine!

EZ PIN Business Solutions for Digital/Physical Gift Cards

The EZ PIN comprehensive and complete business solutions provide more profit from the sale of physical and digital gift cards.

There are two types of digital gift cards: fixed price and variable price. In variable price model, the desired amount is selected in available range. Different suppliers for different regions offer different gift cards that are available through EZ PIN and there are also a large number of global products that can be used for different regions.

Another type of gift card is physical gift card that the reseller enters its barcode in the system (EZ PIN Mobile Application, EZ PIN Web-based Panel or POS Machine) and activates it. Activation can be done individually or in bulk.

EZ PIN Business Solutions for Selling Digital Gift Card Via In-Store Stand

Each in-store stand has a unique QR code that corresponds to a certain store. The customer uses his phone to scan the QR code. This will open a link that lists all of the gift card brands available at the store. Customer selects a gift card, enters an amount or selects a predetermined amount, and then selects how to receive the code. He has the option of receiving it in person (printed by the EZ PIN POS machine), through SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. A QR code appears on the customer’s phone once he has completed all of the processes. The reseller then logs into the EZ PIN POS machine or mobile app, scans the QR code, and validates the card type and amount with the customer. After that, the customer completes the transaction and receives the gift card code.

In-Store Stand

The consumer can also choose a gift card with a fixed or personalized amount from the products displayed on the touchable screen of the display stand, as well as the delivery method. Once the consumer has made all the selections, a QR code appears on the display stand’s screen, which the customer must present to the shop cashier to finalize the transaction.

EZ PIN Business Solutions for Selling Physical Gift Card

On the display stand, all gift cards are inactive. The customer selects a gift card and completes the transaction. The reseller logs into the EZ PIN POS machine and scans the gift card’s barcode and confirms the activation using the activation tab at the bottom of the POS screen. Finally, the reseller gives the consumer the activated gift card. The reseller can also activate his account using his phone or tablet.

EZ PIN Business Solutions for Selling Digital Gift Card via Mobile App, POS or Panel

The customer requests and pays for the purchase of a digital gift card in a certain quantity. The reseller logs into the EZ PIN POS machine and looks for the desired digital gift card, adjusts the amount, and adds it to the cart. When the reseller completes the checkout process, he will be given four options for how the consumer will receive the code: SMS, WhatsApp, Email, or physically printed. All of these actions are also available to the reseller in his phone or tablet, as well as EZ PIN web-based panel.

EZ PIN Business Solutions for Resellers

Resellers have an e-wallet where the payments they make (the money that goes to their account) and the credit they receive and the amount of their debt to the system (which called Balance) are recorded there and different types of transactions include buying a card, profit from selling the card to the affiliate seller, payments, credits and currency conversion and bitcoin purchases are recorded there and invoice purchases are recorded daily. Users can also specify that if any of the currencies in their wallet reach a certain level, a notification will be sent to their email.

The resellers have a shop where they can order different digital products and they can make a catalog for themselves and put their own logo, in which case a URL and a QR Code will be produced for them that they can provide to their customers (for example, through stands) and through that list, customers can see all the products that can be offered in this store.

EZ PIN Security and Innovation; What Every Reseller Needs

Using cloud servers and high-performance software production technologies, EZ PIN can provide high-speed services with security and ease of use. EZ PIN support center is also available at different times of the day through chat or ticketing system, as well as knowledge-based support that includes a variety of frequently asked questions and problems to fix issues.

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