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Ways To Increase Gift Card Sales During COVID-19 Pandemic

To stay afloat, start expanding your gift card sales now that outdoor gathering alternatives are no longer an option for your customers. Encourage clients to share gift cards with their friends and family, or to purchase gift cards for themselves to use later. In today’s EZ PIN blog article, we tell you ways to increase gift card sales during COVID-19 pandemic. You may avoid revenue losses amid COVID-19 pandemic mandates with the correct gift card marketing campaign.

7 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales During COVID-19 Pandemic

Show Loyalty to Your Loyal Members

Everyone wants to earn points and receive free gifts. Most customers shop at a specific store, eat at a specific restaurant, or apply for a credit card to earn points and be rewarded for their loyalty. Gift Cards loyalty programs assist businesses in achieving their goals by providing motivational forces to the right customers. They help businesses in identifying returning customers and encouraging them to purchase more by providing coupons, gift vouchers, and other incentives.

Now is the moment to thank your loyal customers by reaching out to them via email and your loyalty program. Inform them that you are selling gift cards and that loyal members will receive a special discount. A customer loyalty management program, as we’ve previously indicated, lays the groundwork for client retention, and encouraging your loyal customers to spread the word about your business via gift cards is the greatest place to start.

Spread the Word on Social Media

You must find a way to spread the news, whether you’re selling gift cards for the first time or trying to shift sales to gift cards owing to the present crisis. Everyone, especially those in quarantine, is consuming social media at breakneck speed. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on Facebook or Instagram advertisements to get the word out about your gift card deals; instead, utilize smart content marketing methods.

Create a Bundle Offer for Gift Cards

Create a bundle offer to sweeten your gift card transactions. With a $25 or more gift card purchase, you can offer 20% off future purchases.

Add Signage to Your Website

Rather than having gift card offers advertised within your store, now is the time to make gift card offers visible from online ordering portals. Allow customers to add gift cards via a mobile POS interface, and have your servers handing away card promotions.

Partner With Other Local Business Owners

If you own a single store, try forming a gift card package with your neighbors’ stores and local community entrepreneurs. To produce coupon booklets or bundle discounts for both of your businesses, contact your local chamber of commerce and other local business owners such as restaurants, cafes, and other companies. Look for local businesses with similar aims and goals to yours, as well as a similar target demographic. This isn’t to say that specific businesses should only work with the same stores; rather, it means that before reaching out to collaborate on a joint present, they should examine their price points and the quality of services they offer.

Make Buying and Using Gift Cards Easier

No one likes to go through the hassle of purchasing gift cards. Make them an easy add-on for your customers to any purchase. Create a banner ad on your website that allows consumers to add a gift card to their cart for pickup or delivery, or choose a digital gift card. Internally test your digital options to ensure that they are simple to transfer to another user, allowing your consumers to send gifts to friends and family with ease. They are unable to view each other face to face at the same time.

Remember that the majority of gift card purchasers will do so online, and nearly all of them will do so using a smartphone. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, which means that it loads quickly on a smartphone.

Just as important as making gift cards easy to buy, is making gift cards easy to use.

Sell Virtual Gift Cards

People are yearning for social engagement, and with something like dinner parties on the decline, enjoying a meal with friends over the internet allows us to stay in touch. To allow your consumers to express their love of your business with their family and loved ones, advertise virtual gift cards for restaurants or coffee shops.

For all of the above ways to increase gift card sales during COVID-1 Pandemic, EZ PIN has some great solutions for business owners. By registering on EZ PIN and joining one of our customers, you can grow your business and start selling gift cards today.