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Starbucks and Co-Op Join Forces to Expand Community Fridges Across London

Environmental charity Hubbub has been working hard to set up more than 450 community fridges across the country. Thanks to a generous £350,000 grant from Starbucks and support from Co-Op, this significant scheme is set to expand even further.

The grant will be used to benefit fifty of the existing community fridges, providing money for workshops, food skill classes, local initiatives and cooking sessions. This will help people in poverty access free food while offering educational opportunities in their local communities.

“We are delighted that Starbucks and Co-op have joined forces with us on this project,” said Trewin Restorick, chief executive of Hubbub. “It’s fantastic news that these two companies have recognized the importance of our work in helping the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Community fridges offer many benefits beyond just providing free food; they bring people together, create a sense of community cohesion, and promote environmental sustainability by reducing food waste and encouraging healthier eating habits.

Starbucks UK managing director Martin Brok said: “This project is about much more than just giving away food – it’s about creating a sense of community spirit and helping people take pride in their local neighborhoods. We hope this funding will make a real difference to the lives of those who need it most in London.”

Co-Op Food chief executive Jo Whitfield added: “We are delighted to support Hubbub’s work with such an incredible grant from Starbucks. It’s great to see everyone coming together for such an important cause. We look forward to seeing how this funding can make a real difference.”

By joining forces with Starbucks and Co-Op, Hubbub is taking a significant step towards achieving its goal of creating a better future for vulnerable members of society in London. With so many positive outcomes on offer, this project looks set to be an overwhelming success!

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