Global Trends in Gift Card Usage and Distribution

Gift cards: the universal gift that screams, ”I care, but I also want you to pick your own present!”

Over the past few years, gift cards have evolved from being last-minute gifts to a thoughtful and practical option for many.

According to the experts at EZ Pin, the trends in gift card usage and distribution are more exciting than ever


Firstly, digital gift cards are skyrocketing. Gone are the days of misplacing a physical card; now, you
can receive a digital gift card directly to your email – or even via WhatsApp and SMS. This shift is
particularly popular among millennial and Gen Z, who appreciate the instant gratification and

Then there’s the rise of corporate gift cards. Companies are increasingly turning to gift cards as
rewards for employees or as customer incentives. It’s a true win-win: businesses enjoy hassle-free
distribution, and recipients enjoy the freedom of choice. EZ Pin, your go-to gift card partner, ensures
smooth integration and distribution, making it easier for companies to jump on this trend

Finally, cross-border gift card usage is becoming more common. With the global economy more
interconnected than ever before, people are sending gift cards internationally, allowing loved ones in
different countries to enjoy local favorites

The reality is gift cards are no longer the impersonal presents they once were. With digital
advancements, customization options, corporate use, and international reach, they’re now a
convenient, flexible yet thoughtful gift option. And with EZ Pin as your gift card partner, navigating
these trends has never been easier or more fun!