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Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card; Music, Podcast and More

Anghami is a new digital music software that allows users all over the world to stream and download unlimited Arabic and international music (country restrictions may apply). Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card is a perfect product if you want to enhance your sale in UAE, the Middle East and all around the world. Let’s know everything about this product. If you know the product, you can sell it better.

Anghami puts millions of songs at your fingertips on your smartphone. Anghami is completely legal. To provide listeners with legal access to a wide collection of music, Anghami Team have licensing arrangements with every major music company as well as thousands of indie labels and distributors.

Anghami Features

  • The Largest Music Archive

Thousands of Arabic recordings are available for all users to listen to. International music from major labels such as EMI, Warner, Sony, and Universal are also available to users in the Middle East.

  • Downloadable on Devices

Users can take their music with them and listen to it anywhere, even when they’re not connected to the internet. Unlimited downloads to keep them connected when they don’t have access to the internet or 3G.

  • Discover New Music

The Surprise Me function on Anghami suggests tunes based on users’ preferences. My Personal DJ creates custom playlists for users based on their mood and activity.

  • Socialized with friends

Users can share their Anghami songs and playlists with their friends on social media. They can also subscribe to their favorite artists’ playlists.

Anghami is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and also in web via in-browser Webplayer.

Anghami Subscriptions

Users can get an Anghami Plus subscription for 0.99$ per month and listen to music without ads.

  • Scrub, rewind, repeat
  • No ads
  • On-demand playlists
  • Unlimited skips
  • Live Radio
  • Lyrics
  • Pristine audio quality
  • Downloads playlists, albums, or more than 20 single songs limit

There is also another subscription program called “Anghami Plus Lite” which is limited and users won’t get access to lyrics, Pristine audio quality and download more than 20 songs (no playlists or albums).

Anghami Plus Lite Terms & Conditions

  • Must be a Free user
  • For some people it might be for $1.99
  • A particular quantity of songs was listened to.
  • Located in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), except the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.
  • Never heard of Anghami Plus before.
  • This subscription can be paid for using a credit card, through Google Play, or through iTunes.
  • Anghami reserves the right to terminate this offer at any moment and without warning.

There is a membership to suit your customers’ needs, whether they are a student, a solitary user, or a family.

Anghami has numerous subscription options, including Anghami Plus, Student Discounts, and Anghami Family. All Anghami Plus features are available with each option.

Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card

Anghami Plus

It’s an ad-free subscription service that lets users download music for offline listening, browse lyrics, and scrub/replay/rewind through the player. This subscription can only be activated on one account at a time. To subscribe using preferred payment method, users can go to subscribe area.

Student Plan

If you have students among your customers, they can get a 50% discount on the cost of the subscription. To enroll in this plan, they must first verify their identification and agree to all of the plan’s terms and conditions. This plan accepts payments by iTunes/or Google Play, as well as credit card.

Family Plan

Your customers and up to 5 family members can each have their own Anghami Plus account with Anghami Plus for Family. All for a single low price. This plan accepts payments by iTunes/or Google Play, as well as credit card.

Anghami Subscription Payment Options

Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card

If your customers are looking for a great and affordable Birthday, Graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or any other important occasion gift, an Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card may be just the right choice for them and best product for you to sell.

Anghami has made it easy to gift a subscription to someone!

Gift Anghami Plus Via Mobile app

  • Go to the app’s settings and select “Buy Gift.”
  • Select a present to send.
  • Enter the name of a friend.
  • To continue, tap Buy Gift.
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Send a link to a friend as a gift.

Gift Anghami Plus via Web

  • Visit the Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card
  • Choose card.
  • Fill up information and write the message to send.
  • Choose whether to send this gift right away or at a later time.
  • Fill in billing information and confirm payment.

How To Redeem Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card

After getting the activation code, you and your customers can use Gift on any account you want.

Redeem Gift Card from Redeem Page

From Anghami App

  • Only Android devices are supported.
  • Enter the activation code you obtained from Anghami in Menu > Settings.

From Anghami Website

Anghami (أنغامي) Gift Card - 2

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