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Most Popular Gift Cards in Dubai; Find the Opportunity

Gift cards are available in Dubai. Gift cards are on the rise in Dubai and the UAE, as they are everywhere else. The practice of purchasing gift cards is not new; in fact, the first book token was issued in December 1932, just in time for the holidays. Gift cards, on the other hand, are a relatively new notion in the UAE. In this article we introduce most popular gift cards in Dubai and also argue that why gift cards are so popular in the UAE.

If You’re Thinking of Selling Gift Cards in the UAE, You’re in The Right Place.

Buying gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and family grows more challenging every year. Giving a particular gift wish list, deciding what to buy as a present can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming (and thanks to COVID – dangerous as well). As a result, gifting gift cards has grown increasingly popular all around the world, and Dubai is no exception.

Gift cards have become so popular in the UAE across a wide range of industries, from clothes to electronics to health and wellness to travel to fine dining, that the number of people buying gift cards in Dubai alone is expected to treble in the next few years.

Giving gift cards in Dubai, as well as the rest of the world, has become generally accepted and, if truth be known, more preferred; after all, isn’t it better to let someone choose their own gift than to get it wrong and give them something they don’t need, don’t like, or already have?

Obviously, we still enjoy tearing open a gift and finding something we want inside the walls of a gorgeous festive gift box, but receiving a gift voucher can be just as wonderful, if not better, in some situations.

If you’re still not convinced, consider these seven reasons why you should start a gift card business.

start a gift card business

Reasons Why You Should Start a Gift Card Business in Dubai

  • People won’t over spend

Purchasing a gift voucher, as previously said, helps your customers stick to their budget. They won’t have to worry about exceeding their spending restriction, and they won’t have to worry about splurging to get that “perfect” gift, which, let’s face it, is easy to achieve in Dubai. With gift cards, your customers have complete control over the amount they spend — just decide how much they want to spend and that’s it!

  • People actually want them

Buying a gift card for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, or other occasions, believe it or not, is desirable – people want them! Consumers in the United States alone spent $359 billion USD (yep, billion…you read that right) on gift certificates and digital gift cards in 2019. By 2025, this figure is expected to rise to $510 billion.

  • Gift cards are flexible

We now live in a minimalist era, which implies that people don’t want to accumulate stuff they won’t utilize. Another obvious incentive to buy gift vouchers or digital gift cards is that they are more versatile! Instead of purchasing something that will be discarded, the recipient may use their gift card to purchase anything they like, and this works particularly well in the UAE, where many stores now offer them!

  • No need to leave home

During COVID-19 lockdown, you can almost always expect shopping malls to be closed or restricted; this is especially true in shopping hotspots like Dubai. When it comes to holiday or special event shopping, gift certificates and digital gift cards mean your customers don’t even have to leave their house. Most retailers in the UAE feature online gift cards, which takes away another layer of the stress that comes with shopping for gifts.

  • Gift cards are thoughtful

Some may argue the opposite, claiming that a gift certificate or a digital gift card is generic and hence a thoughtless gift. People sometimes choose to offer prepaid debit cards or cash as gifts, which we consider to be significantly more impersonal. When your customers order a gift voucher in the UAE for someone’s favorite retail store or restaurant, they are demonstrating that they have given the gift considerable thought. Yes, purchasing gift cards in Dubai, or anyplace else, is a considerate gesture!

  • Gift cards are easy to present beautifully

Some people have gift wrapping down to a fine art; for others, it can be a little more difficult, especially if the gift is strangely shaped; and nothing is more embarrassing than giving a poorly wrapped present that looks like it was wrapped by a 5-year-old child. Wrapping a gift certificate relieves all of the worry because they’re simple to wrap and present well. You can also print a digital gift voucher for specific products (like Apple gift cards), insert it into a lovely greeting card, write your customers’ message, and tie a charming ribbon around it if you sell a digital gift voucher. It’s finished!

Do you know what are the most popular gift cards in Dubai? Do you know what gift card to buy from EZ PIN to enhance your sale and start a perfect gift card business?

The top 5 best gift cards in Dubai are:

  • UAE Mall Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Microsoft Gift Card
  • App Store & iTunes Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card

UAE Mall Gift Card

If you have no idea what kind of gift card to sell (and by that, we mean you have no idea), a Mall Gift Card is your best bet. selling a UAE mall gift card is a win-win situation for you and your customers, because there are so many retailers there and your customers will be delighted to receive that mall gift card so they can buy something they enjoy.

Amazon UAE Gift Card

Another popular option is an Amazon UAE gift card, which could be a great present for a distant cousin or relative living in Dubai that your customers don’t know much about. On the other hand, if you know someone who is an Amazon addict, this could be a terrific product. Because of its wide selection of product options, which include anything from daily necessities to PC technology and beauty products, Amazon gift card is a terrific gift card option.

iTunes Gift Card

Selling an iTunes gift card is another popular and wonderful gift card option. If you have a Dubai customer who appears to be fascinated with iPads or iPhones, this could be the ideal gift. Selling an iTunes gift card also allows your customers to make purchases from a number of the accessible apps. They can also use the gift card balance to make in-app purchases as well as purchases from the iTunes Store, Apple Books, and Apple Music.

Microsoft Gift Card

Consider selling a Microsoft gift card to someone who is a technology person, is a college student, or is the type of person that uses electronics, games, and computers on a regular basis for whatever reason. With a Microsoft gift card, your customers may provide a wide range of gift alternatives. On Windows, Microsoft allows users to utilize their purchase balance to purchase apps and Xbox games. The gift card can also be used to purchase devices or other products from the Microsoft Store.

Google Play Gift Card

If the Dubai techie in your store prefers Android, consider selling them a Google Play store card, which provides them with many of the same possibilities as an iTunes gift card, but only for the Android platform. Google Play gift cards make great presents since they can be used to buy movies, music, and books from the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store also sells some of the top Android apps.

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